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Internal Operating Regulations Athens Motorhome Park

“ATHENS MOTORHOME PARK” INTERNAL REGULATIONS The “ATHENS MOTORHOME PARK” is a complex tourist enterprise providing accommodation and relaxation services, which operates with the primary and exclusive goal of satisfying its customers. In this context, for more effective operation, we have implemented the


The “ATHENS MOTORHOME PARK” is a complex tourist enterprise providing accommodation and relaxation services, which operates with the primary and exclusive goal of satisfying its customers.

In this context, for more effective operation, we have implemented the following regulations, which are generally mandatory and accepted upon entry into our premises.

Arrival – Departure

Upon their arrival, all visitors are required to complete a registration form with their details and those of their companions, as well as to present their identification or passport to confirm their information. They sign to accept the terms of the regulation. Subsequently, they receive the necessary documents.


Vehicle entry to ATHENS MOTORHOME PARK is allowed from 8:00 to 24:00.

Vehicle speed inside is prohibited from exceeding 5 km/h, and their movement, which should be limited to arrival and departure, is entirely prohibited during the night hours (24:00-8:00).

Car parking is allowed within the boundaries of the designated spot and in the designated parking spaces. Washing of cars, boats, and trailers is prohibited.

Trailer owners are informed by the Reception about the area where they can park them.


Pets are allowed only for visitors who have their own camping means or in a limited number of accommodations, provided they have a health booklet showing they are fully healthy and have undergone vaccinations as required by law. Their owners are obliged to take all measures to protect the health and safety of the campers and visitors of ATHENS MOTORHOME PARK, Law 4039, article 5 (Government Gazette 15/2-2-2012). Indicatively, animals must be leashed, accompanied by their owner, and their owners must clean up after them. The Management will be forced to remove pet owners who disturb with their barking or do not comply with the above terms.


The lighting of fires and the use of barbecue grills are governed by the provisions of the fire department and are strictly prohibited within the premises of ATHENS MOTORHOME PARK. (Fire Department Order No. 9. Regulation on measures for the prevention and suppression of fires in forest and rural areas)

Campers must faithfully follow the instructions given to them in case of fire.

Trailer and tent owners must disconnect them from the electrical network in their absence; otherwise, they are liable in case of causing a fire for this reason.

The disposal of cigarette butts on the ground is strictly prohibited. The slightest negligence can cause immense damage; remember that you are next to the forest.

Quiet Hours

Sound systems are strictly prohibited throughout your stay.

During quiet hours, 15:00-17:30 & 23:00-07:00 (Police Order No. 1023/2/37. LAW No. 3 – Government Gazette B 15 – 12.01.1996), all forms of noise disturbance are prohibited, including loud conversations, music, celebrations, as well as the movement of any vehicle. During the remaining hours, music and noise should be kept at a low volume and not disturb others.

The placement or removal of camping equipment is recommended to be avoided during quiet hours; when this is not possible, it should be done with respect to the quiet hour schedule.

Use of Electricity – Safety

The business uses anti-electrocution relays on all power outlets at each location.

Extension cords for electricity transfer must be made of black rubber and not of any other material. The responsibility for the correct use of electricity lies solely with the campers. Interference with the safety features of electrical panels, the use of electric ovens, and generally electric appliances with resistance are strictly prohibited.

Basic Amenities


Dishwashing sinks
Night security
24-hour hot water

Reservation Terms

Please fill in the fields of the form.
– The reservation form is a request for reservation, and there is no commitment from either your side or ours.
– Upon confirmation of availability by us, you will be provided with a bank account for the payment of the deposit.
– Your reservation is valid only after the deposit of 30% of the total amount or another agreed amount with the reservation department, and you are responsible for all bank charges.
– The deposit must be proven by sending a fax or email of the bank deposit.

– Campers who have not made a reservation are served upon arrival by the reception department, depending on daily availability.
– Reservations are not made for specific or neighboring sites.
– Familiarize yourself with the general operating regulations. The business reserves the right to terminate your stay in case of violation of the terms of the regulations.
– The provision of electricity at camping sites is 880 Watt and does not support devices with resistance, such as electric stoves, ovens, grills, hair dryers, etc. Make sure to bring your own cable.
– Only individuals over 18 years old are accommodated. Guests under 18 are only accommodated with the simultaneous presence of guardians throughout their stay.

Cancellation Policy

– In case of cancellation of your reservation, the deposit is refunded only when the cancellation is made 21 days before the scheduled arrival date.
– In case of cancellation of the reservation less than 21 days, you are charged 50% of the deposit amount, while in case of cancellation less than 5 days, the deposit is forfeited in favor of the camping.
– In case of cancellation of the reservation during your stay, you are charged 50% of the remaining amount for the period you declared and if you inform the Reception Department at least 24 hours in advance. Otherwise, you will be charged the full amount of the agreed stay.

Scenic Coastal Escapes

Rafina – Sounio – Nea Makri –

Schinias, Marathon

Brexiza, Nea Makri

Zouberi, Nea Makri

Lake, Artemida

Blue Coast, Kalivia Thorikou

Agios Petros and Cape Sounio Hotel Beach

Proximity To Iconic

Temple of Poseidon

Archaeological Site of Ancient Agora – Areopagus

Kallimarmaro Stadium

Library of Hadrian

Roman Agora

Herod Atticus Odeon

Philopappos Monument

Baths of the Winds


Kerameikos Archaeological Site

tel 2106664586


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